Your Hosts

Information about the house is one thing, but it may be nice to know a tiny bit about us too before staying at home…


He is the one who welcomes you at La Treille Rouge. He will bring you breakfast in the morning (including for early-risers), either in the dining room or outside in the garden. He smiles and chats in French, English, Spanish or Italian. He plays the piano, sings as a tenor or an alto and belongs to the municipal council of the village.


Photographer as a living, you will surely find him busy in the kitchen during your stay at La Treille Rouge. He is sometimes away from the house, mainly for professionnal reasons. But if you happen to hear some music notes played on a violin or a viola, that means he is definitely in the house, rehearsing.


She will be the first one you hear when you arrive. She is our best wake-up call system and wardener, but she is totally fond of each and every one of our guests. She loves to play. And hug. And always goes on a par with her cuddly toy, which she will bring you for sure. Mainly Beauceron (sheperd race), with an dash of Labrador. Very much Labrador-tempered.


Latest member of the family, she is a white, fluffy puppy, half Labrador, half Patou (sheperd’s race), whose only aim, when not busy undertaking thorough investigation in the chicken coop, is to mimic her older sister. Big furry hairball of unconditional love.


He is been going by that name since he fell in love with shoe laces. You will be a very lucky guest if you ever cross His Majesty’s path during your stay at home. Loves to cuddle. And his two hens. And turtledoves.