The house

Siffrein, Marie and their children, outside in the garden

This is the story of a house, the birthplace of a large family of farmers, whose children left to go to the city. For years, it has stood as a rallying point  for brothers, sisters, children and grandchildren on the occasion of post-hunting mealtimes, family celebrations or for the only sake of gathering together. Time went by, the oldest ones left and, slowly but steadily, the shutters of the house remained closed. The original farm was split according to inheritances, and in the end, only the main home building rested within the family bosom.

In 2011, after spending years in Paris and Brussels, Thomas and François decided to settle down in Limans and, with the support of the family, they started restoring the old house with a view to filling it again with stories, books, music and to opening it again to family members, friends and travelers.

They emptied the house out, re-allocated and refurbished the bedrooms to give them space and light, trying not to betray the original pleasure one had once to stay there. Simple showers and small washbowls were installed in every room, as a tribute to the way others once lived in here, freshening up using ceramic jugs and basins.

All rooms are equipped with modern, orthopaedic-quality, queen-size beds, for nights to be the best, except one offering twin beds. Yet, the house remains genuine, as suggest its ancient doors which hinges are heavily sealed in the thick walls masonry.

As years go by, the restoration of this old lay keeps going on. Thomas and François are now hosting friends and travelers with whom they continue to share the story on the occasion of a breakfast, by the dining room stove when cold outside or under the star-spangled sky of the arbour during summer.

The Bedrooms


With its exposed stonework, this cosy bedroom is the only one of the house to offer twin beds, which makes it particularly relevant for children, or for hikers. It is equipped with its own private bathroom with a shower and a washbowl. It has no private toilets, but those of the house, located on the floor below, are in fact at the almost exclusive benefit of this bedroom’s guests.

Price for two people, breakfasts included: €52.00/night

Siffrein’s bedroom

It is one of the two widest bedrooms of the house and wears the name of the great-grandfather. It offers a queen-size bed, a chest of drawers and enjoys, behind a door, its own private bathroom equipped with a comfortable shower , a washbasin and toilets.

It looks to the East and the view over the the neighbouring “Zinzine Hill” embraces a part of the village.

Price for two people, breakfasts included: €67.00/night

georges’ bedroom

It is the second widest bedroom of the house and offers a queen-size bed, a desk and a storage chest. It is equipped with an in-suite shower and washbasin, while the toilets are hidded behind a wooden door.

Looking to the South, you can look over our garden and, further down, the Laye River Valley.

Price for two people, breakfasts included: €67.00/night

Marie-Claire’s bedroom

Our last bedroom is probably the most cosy one. With a wall covered in wood, it takes the shape of a cabin, as a kind invitation to relax. It is equipped with a queen-size bed and a  small storage unit. The room enjoys an in-suite shower and washbowl as well as private toilets, hidden behind a rustic wooden door.

Looking to the South, the view embraces the garden and, further down, the Laye River Valley.

Price for two people, breakfasts included: €59.00/night

Our Table d’hôte

When available, we are glad to count you amongst us for a dinner at our table d’hôte, be it on the day of your arrival or any other evening during your stay.

Our meals are mainly vegetarian ones and are prepared mostly with  local and organic products.  Our cuisine can be very provençal indeed, though dishes are sometimes inspired by further places and other ways to cook, brought back from that or the other journey we once made.

Spices (ginger, cumin, saffron from our garden, turmeric, chili…), wok or steam cooking, tian-dishes, green milks (from soja, almonds or coconuts), flours from local or further cereals, legumes, season’s fruits and vegetables compose the basics of our cuisine. When possible, we get from our small kitchen garden.

Please let us know of any allergy or intolerance you might suffer from and we will do our utmost to take them into account when cooking.

Find us

Very close to the A51 highway, only a one-hour drive only from Aix-en-Provence or Avignon, Limans is a typical village of the area of Forcalquier, the former capital city of the Kings of Provence.

Nestled in the Luberon Regional Natural Park, Limans offers to the visitor one of the most beautiful balconies overlooking the nearby Lure Mountain.

If you are using a GPS device, please do not enter the name of the street, but simply the village name (Limans), in order to save time and kilometres…

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