Price List & Conditions

Siffrein’s Bedroom | €67.00

Georges’ Bedroom  | €67.00 €

Marie-Claire’s Bedroom | €59.00 €

Simone’s Bedroom | €52.00 €

Baby cot with sheets  | €7.00 € per night

Visitor’s tax: €0.50/night/person over 18




The house is open from March 1st to the end of the All Saints holidays.

Prices include one night for two people, breakfasts included, for any reservation made directly with us. They do not include visitors’ tax (€0.50 per person over 18 and per night). Bookings made through online tourist agencies like Expedia, Booking, etc. may be more expensive as they apply fees to us.

La Treille Rouge welcomes cash, credit cards, wire transfers and (French) cheques as well as Android & Apple Pay. A deposit payment may be required for any booking of two nights or more, as well as for any booking of more than one bedroom.

Bedrooms are available from 6pm at the earliest the day of arrival. Check-in is to be done between 6pm and 8pm for organisational reasons as well as for the calm and quietness of the house.

Please inform us as soon as you book us of any arrival that could occur outside this time frame. An extra €10.00 may be charged for it if we need to reorganise.

We advise our allergic or phobic friends that two (educated!) dogs, a cat and two hens are living peacefully together at La Treille Rouge. In order not to disturb their balance and ours, we unfortunately cannot accept any more animal friends at home.

Cancellation policy

Should you have to cancel your stay, please advise us as soon as possible either by phone at + 33 (0)4 92 73 07 49 or by email at

If you ever booked through an online tourist agency, please connect to your relevant account to cancel the reservation yourself as we cannot intervene directly on it (specific cancellation fees may apply).

Should any deposit payment from a direct reservation be reimbursed to you, a 5% fee will be withdrawn from the amount. It will be fully reimbursed (minus fee) in the event of a cancellation up to one fortnight  ahead booking dates at the latest, half-reimbursed (minus fee) up to a week ahead at the latest and will be kept if cancellation occurs less than a week ahead.

Reimbursement will be proceeded by wire transfer only (no cheques) and shall occur within a couple of months counted from the notification of the cancellation.

Personal data

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right to know how we use the personal date you communicate to us.

Personal data collected through the contact form of the website (first and last names, email address) are not stored and have no other use than answering the requests we receive via this channel.

Personal data collected through the online booking form of the website (first and last names, postal address, phone number, email address, arrival and departure dates), as well as those communicated to us by phone, email or live on the occasion of a confirmed booking at La Treille Rouge are only used for the house’s administration and billing. They are therefore stored for 5 years, in compliance with French NF525 standard. Email addresses may be used to send information newsletters, of which one can opt out directly and anytime.  Within this 5-year term, you have the right to have these data modified or corrected anytime, by calling us at + or by writing to us at contact(at) Passed this delay, you may ask for complete deletion.

We at La Treille Rouge are currently doing our utmost to make sure that  the third-party digital tools we are using to manage the house do collect personal data in strict compliance with the GPDR.

The Internet website does not use any cookie.