Our Table d’hôte

When available, we are glad to count you amongst us for a dinner at our table d’hôte, be it on the day of your arrival or any other evening during your stay.

Our meals are mainly vegetarian ones and are prepared mostly with  local and organic products.  Our cuisine can be very provençal indeed, though dishes are sometimes inspired by further places and other ways to cook, brought back from that or the other journey we once made.

Spices (ginger, cumin, saffron from our garden, turmeric, chili…), wok or steam cooking, tian-dishes, green milks (from soja, almonds or coconuts), flours from local or further cereals, legumes, season’s fruits and vegetables compose the basics of our cuisine. When possible, we get from our small kitchen garden.

Please let us know of any allergy or intolerance you might suffer from and we will do our utmost to take them into account when cooking.